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Read and summarise, succinctly, information and ideas from different sources. A writer may need to produce a letter showing appreciation to a friend; a lengthy report on a factual, scientific topic; or an imaginative short story.

You may not redistribute, sell or place these materials on any other web site without written permission from the British Council. The functional skills programme will help ensure that all young people, whatever education and training path they follow, will have a good level of competence in each of these areas.

Detect point of view, implicit meaning and bias. Present information and ideas clearly and persuasively to others. In short, the problem is that we have no assessment of how severe their functional illiteracy problem really is and whether we are encountering functional illiteracy or real illiteracy due to insufficient schooling.

As an example, take the related processes of decoding — in the reading domain — and spelling — in the writing domain.

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To decode successfully, a person need produce only single words and single meanings. As children get older, teachers should continue to emphasize and reinforce the mechanics aspects in addition to introducing process-oriented aspects of writing to the children's repertoire.

On the one hand, Egloff et al. Teaching Literacy and Functional Skills In my experience, learners have always been keen to improve fluency, but now they see that reading and writing skills are important to compete for jobs. Having worked in the business and finance section of a fork-lift truck company for 18 years she had grown increasingly concerned about the lack of basic skills being demonstrated by young people applying for jobs there.

Eme et al. Adults performed much worse in phonological tasks than children matched for reading-level Greenberg et al.

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