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They publish briefs, how-tos, and features. What is the house style and format? Editors emphasise these five key habits of their star journalists: 1. Contact us For writers and editors The following articles include tools, resources, and insights that are specific to the freelance writing and editing profession. Interestingly, they are owned by Vox, which is now a major website publisher. They have a large and diverse customer base making it fairly easy to sell articles provided they are of a high standard. They do, however, accept queries that detail the article idea. Their feature articles can be more than 2, words. Their facts are accurate; their research is sound and thorough. Writers can offer to sell three different types of rights to an article at a price that they determine. This means that a magazine has no legal right to re-sell your piece in any form or format, without paying you again for the re-sale.

Marie Rocher is a Durban-based freelance writer. Furthermore, we have thousands of reputable webzines and paying blogs online. Usually the editor will let you know within a week or two if your piece has been accepted for publication.

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Marie Rocher is a Durban-based freelance writer. Writers can offer to sell three different types of rights to an article at a price that they determine. But what few know is that magazines work 6 to 12 months in advance, so the fee for the piece you sell today could only appear in your bank account a year later! Some publishing houses pay upon publication, i. Thereafter I will take a dictionary, and hit them repeatedly over the head with it, until they beg me to let them look up editorial integrity, and press freedom. They can stick to deadlines. It is a legitimate business that allows writers to sell their work for decent money, not the few dollars some others in the market offer. In that case, you need to rewrite and edit, before you can try selling it again.

Step Four: Write a Query Letter Researching and writing an entire story before you have a buyer for it is risky.

Here are 10 trade secrets you need to know.

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Per month: Considering that most features are words in length words at mostyou can do the maths to work out your income per article. Establishing relationships with editors is vital if you want to establish a writing career and make money from home. You can find his or her details on the masthead page in a magazine, where the staff-members are listed.

Best is to find out the rate by phoning the magazine and speaking to the features editor. They pay 75 cents per word, up to 1, words.

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How You Can Make Money Writing Articles For Magazines