Writing a literature review search strategy development

why is a search strategy important

It can also improve the relevancy of results obtained as you have thought through your keywords and synonyms and how these relate to each other. SEARCH TIP: In Ovid databases, search for a known key paper by title, select the "complete reference" button to see which subject headings the database indexers have given that article, and consider adding relevant ones to your own search strategy.

Database search strategies use a combination of free text and subject headings where applicable. Using truncation and wildcards can save you time and effort by finding alternative keywords. Google Scholar was also utilized to locate open access articles.

Databases often show Boolean operators as buttons or drop-down menus that you can click to combine your search terms or results. A wildcard finds variant spellings of words.

In-depth knowledge of subject headings is not required for users to benefit from improved search performance using them in their searches.

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Creating a Search Strategy