Write api in ruby

The result should be JSON and an auditable should be created.

add api to rails app

Unfortunately, it would be too much for this tutorial. Positive specs cover cases where the API is invoked correctly.

Build a restful json api with rails 5

If we click on an operation, Swagger shows its required and optional parameters and their data types. Conclusion So there you have it. Swagger presents our API endpoints in a nicely explorable way. For example, Facebook offers ways to query for a user information or his friends by using the right security details. Source Code The source code is available on GitHub. This method will simply check if the key Authorization under the headers contains a valid ApiKey. However, you should know that such searches would greatly impact the search performances in a real system.

You can read more about it and get the latest updates here. Mobile application for an existing web platform This one is quite obvious. Web services The W3C defines a Web service generally as a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network.

ruby rest api framework

Or maybe you have a web app that you want to make available on mobile. Require mongoid Load the Mongoid configuration with Mongoid.

Write api in ruby

If we click on an endpoint, Swagger lists its operations. Writing automated tests. NET for example. Use Case The use case we will focus on for this tutorial is an application capable of capturing and reviewing pair programming sessions. Positive specs cover cases where the API is invoked correctly. The Difference Basically, web services are a standard defined by W3C with a specific set of rules. Adding a namespace Creating a namespace for our API endpoints is important if we want to be able to version it and add a v2 later, for example. But what is that process like from the other side? The basic functions of these actions should be pretty apparent.

Splitting the application into different files.

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Grape Gem: Build a REST