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Be sure to include: Santa Claus, North Pole, as the return address on the envelope. The second option is that you wait for someone else to do it and you get four more lumps of coal next year. I wish you could have seen what happened. Now I can finally get some rest and enjoy the sun. This provides a template which includes both small fill-in-the-blank areas and some larger areas for recording the nice things the child has done this year. So, you have three choices. I cannot wait to finally sit on my magic sleigh, loaded with presents, and go on my journey around the world! Please remember to be good next year, and we will visit you next Christmas too! Ah, but you might think that no envelope I have for you could ever hold a lump of coal, even a small one. The elves who have been keeping an eye on you have reported back to me that you have been very grown up on several occasions. I seem to remember seeing one or two packages with your name attached in the gift room, so I have a good feeling that you'll be very happy this year.

It lasted all through the night and all through the day. Some time ago someone spilled a little bit of magic stardust in the gift-wrapping hall. Third, you turn over a new leaf and become the washing up king!

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He has been making toys from snow! So have my elves. See you in a year! Now, though on the whole you have behaved well, there are just a few things we need to discuss. Dear her name, I have been watching you carefully this year. The elves are working overtime to finish packing your parcels, and they will be soon on their way. Continue this fun holiday tradition by printing out this free printable letter to Santa. I am so looking forward to visiting your home again and seeing what has changed. Scruffy had gone there to find his lost screw. We sometimes add delicious treats to the presents just to make life sweeter.

Plan your day the night before so you can get up and go without rushing. Some elves were hovering above the floor! Oh, that was such a wonderful smile! Right now, you are reading a letter from me, the one and only Santa Claus.

The elves are working at full speed to get everything ready for the big day. Dear her name, I imagine you are quite surprised to see this letter from me. Sign it Santa Claus with a P.

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Go to bed early so you can get up early. Now that was fun.

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Working hard is good, but it can develop into working too much. Oh, and Fussy the Elf! Every gift from Lapland is special in its own way. I embrace the fact that shopping is a great way to spend your time, but please be aware that there are other things in life too. I know that you have studied hard, listened to your parents and helped them through the year. You thought that nobody appreciated your efforts. Please remember to be good next year, and we will visit you next Christmas too!

Do your children like sending Santa a letter with their toy wishes? The envelope is addressed to Santa at the North Pole and includes blank lines for the return address. We were happy to hear from your parents that you had a big smile on your face when you opened them.

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