Write a letter to a penpal friend

We have students and two buildings.

Pen pal letter exchange

One small one after the first lesson, one at mid-day and one in the afternoon. What time does school start and finish? Having a few key points in mind can help keep your thoughts in order while you write which will make it easier for your penpal to read later. How many students are there in your class? I like my school. My favourite animal was the giraffe. At the weekend, I have extra lessons on Saturday morning but the rest of the time is my free time. I am the class captain. We stayed at the zoo for nearly 3 hours. We went by car. For ideas of letters you can write and send for practice, check out this list by long time letter writer Catherine from Green Fingerprint. There are 40 students in my class. We played in the water and had really good fun. We have three breaks in one day. I go by car.

I go to Sriwittayapaknam School in Samut Prakan. Write out your grocery lists, your to dos, write on your calendar, write all your school or work notes out by hand, and write in a journal as often as you can. Afterwards, I usually go shopping in Siam Square or watch a movie.

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At lunchtime, I usually play football. At home, I help my parents.

Pen pal letter example ks2

We usually go to Central City or Seacon Square. I wear a dark blue tie with stripes on it. In the evening we walked around the town and then ate at Pizza Hut. I clean the house and wash the clothes. How many days a week do you go to school? He is in his late seventies. My favourite school lunch is rice and fried chicken. I usually go home at 5 p.

How do you go to school? That was really fun. I am the class captain. My favourite animal was the giraffe. It is big and beautiful. What is the main religion?

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How many students are there in your class? We went by car.

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How to Write a Letter to Your Penpal (with Pictures)