Thesis on training and development of employees

Also, the training and development process should be quantitative and effective.

Thesis on training and development of employees

It has further become necessary in view of advancement in modern world to invest in training. The adoption of many policies to encourage the design and delivery of training programs at the national level is the recognition of the benefits of training activities for society Herman Aguinis and Kurt Kraiger, Most organizations have long recognized the importance of training to its development.

HDR since administering involves the creation and maintenance of an environment for performance, working closely or in isolation towards the accomplishment of common goals, it is obvious that administrators cannot be successful without well skilled and well trained people.

However, Campbell suggested evaluation can provide a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment to the personnel associated with a course or program.

impact of training and development on employee performance ppt

This means for any organization to succeed in achieving the objectives of its training program, the design and implementation must be planned and systematic, tailored towards enhancing performance and productivity. The study emphasizes on a transparent process for employee performance evaluation.

effectiveness of training and development on employee performance
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The effect of training & development and employee engagement on perceived business performance