The transformation of gender equality and the expanded role of women in society

changing gender roles in society

The gender gap in doing housework is largest in countries with more traditional gender norms for both dual-earner and dual-career couples, especially so in the Transition Post-Socialist cluster i.

Post-communist welfare pathways: Theorizing social policy transformation in Central and Eastern Europe. New patterns of educational pairings affect the decision-making processes related to fertility, as a comparative study based on the EU-SILC panel data on 17 countries reveals Nitsche et al.

Mens and womens roles in our society

First Name. Open image in new window Fig. Finally, coping strategies in family and work reconciliation under conditions of uncertainty and precariousness will be discussed. The Gendered Transition to Parenthood In our research on the gendered transition to parenthood, country-specific studies based on both qualitative and quantitative approaches provide in-depth insights into combining parenthood with working careers. Westport, CT: Praeger. Post-communist welfare pathways: Theorizing social policy transformation in Central and Eastern Europe. The results show that the Dual-Earner cluster Sweden progressed most in the transition to involved fatherhood, followed by the Liberal cluster United Kingdom. Declining relationship stability can also affect childbearing. To illustrate how evolving gender roles are reflected in doing family, outcomes of two comparative studies are discussed addressing time spent by fathers with children and the gender gap in household work in different family types across Europe. The Familialistic regime joined the increasing trend during the early s. Similarly, patterns of housework division between women and men differ by family models based on the labour market participation of partners, and across welfare regimes. However, the traditional idea of different abilities of men and women in relation to the newborn prevailed. However, this result can be attributed to the fact that women do less housework when being more engaged in paid work but not to increased housework by their partner. In any case, by the early 21st century gender differences in labour force participation in Europe had greatly diminished see Fig.

Hence, the main research outcomes discussed either from a comparative perspective or based on country-specific studies depict gendered patterns of partnership formation and transitions to parenthood as well as of the organization of family life with emphasis on involved fatherhood.

Labour market developments in the s and s, especially rising educational demands and greater flexibility along with higher levels of job uncertainty, made this paradigm increasingly contested.

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On the other hand, high rates of family dissolution can raise fertility rates as second and higher-order partnerships are increasingly formed during the reproductive ages, and couples may opt for joint offspring even if they already have children from previous relationships Thomson The case study of a public administration organization that implemented a one-month paternity leave to be taken over one year, based also on mixed methods, shows limited gender equality effects in terms of gender roles perceptions and participation in care and domestic duties and uptake of paternity leave Valarino ; Valarino and Gauthier Conclusion Because the interplay between family changes and transformation of gender roles is increasingly recognized in contemporary scholarship of the family, in this chapter we addressed both processes in Europe.

The transition from the male breadwinner model to the dual-earner—dual-carer model is more advanced in the Dual-Earner cluster i. Relying on data from the European Labour Force Survey LFS and Eurostat official statistics on population, his co-authored study demonstrates the importance of the mating squeeze for family formation in modern societies De Hauw et al.

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The Global Role of Women