The tempest notes

When Miranda asks Prospero, "Sir, are you not my father? Although the characters of The Tempest are depicted as Italian in origin, their experiences and conflicts are English.

Glossary case here, prepared. At this, Miranda remembers that she has been instructed not to speak to their guest and momentarily falls silent. It is their goodness that facilitates the reconciliation between Prospero and his enemies.

An interactive data visualization of The Tempest's plot and themes. During the course of the story, Prospero repeatedly asks Miranda if she is listening.

the tempest themes

Fearing that they will all soon die, Antonio, Sebastian, and Gonzalo elect to join the rest of the royal party below decks, where they will pray for their survival. Ariel, who projects delicacy and eagerness in all that he does, is a spirit of the air.

Ferdinand, having survived the wreck, is charmed by Miranda and is then controlled by Prospero, in order to be near his daughter. Gonzalo orders the mariners to pray for the king and the prince. But Caliban appears unable or unwilling to comprehend this component of his plot.

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