The health of young people

Multiple behaviours and conditions often coexist in the same individual adding a cumulative risk for their poor health.

Health issues affecting youth today

Study from Bangalore showed that of the attempted suicide covering all age groups, 2. They hold the future in their hands, but their behaviours and the environments in which they grow up put their health at risk. Globally, there are 44 births per to girls aged 15 to 19 per year. Blood alcohol levels should be set lower for young drivers than for adults. Recommended actions also underscore the contributions young people can and do make to their own health and development and that of their societies. Having illustrated the many factors that place adolescents at special risk, the book turns to the question of how policies, legislation, and programmes can be used to promote the health of young people, deter hazardous behaviour, prevent problems, and provide care and rehabilitation. While noting that this age group has been traditionally regarded as enjoying good health, the book draws attention to a number of radical changes in social conditions that have created new hazards in the very areas where youth are most vulnerable. Adolescence is further divided into early adolescence yr , middle adolescence yr , and late adolescence yr 3. The National Family Health Survey NFHS 3 indicated that 4 per cent of young women and 15 per cent of young men had ever experienced sex before marriage and only This reference document targets national-level policy-makers and programme managers to assist them in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of adolescent health programmes. An outline of physical, emotional, and psychosocial challenges is followed by demographic data indicating the dramatic recent changes in both the relative and absolute numbers of young people. Around 1. Laws that are enforced that specify a minimum age of marriage at 18 can help. For example: Research shows that the majority of people who smoke as adults began when they were young people.

Keywords: Health promotion, high risk sexual behaviours, India, mental health problems, nutrition disorders, road traffic injuries, substance use, suicides, young people Introduction Young people form precious human resources in every country. The Health of young people : a challenge and a promise.

importance of adolescent health

The 'catch 22' is that often the activities young people engage in as part of an otherwise normal, healthy development e.

A meta-analysis of nine studies in showed Many health policies and programmes have focused on prioritized individual health problems and integrated both vertical and horizontal coordinated approaches are found lacking.

Health issues in adolescence

A meta-analysis of nine studies in showed A chapter citing examples of innovative programmes is also included. Nutrition and micronutrient deficiencies Iron deficiency anaemia was the second leading cause of years lost by adolescents to death and disability in Building life skills in children and adolescents and providing them with psychosocial support in schools and other community settings can help promote good mental health. The second chapter concentrates on conditions in the sociocultural context that affect the healthy development of youth. The present review focuses on the health behaviours and problems affecting young people in the age group of yr in India. Suicidal ideas and attempts were also found to be high in Chandigarh 70 and South Delhi 71 with nearly 6 per cent of individuals aged yr and

As a consequence, the struggle against health inequalities can be considered as a major stake for policy makers.

For example, the process of separating from parents and family is often associated with high-risk behaviours e. The first profiles the pressures faced by today's young people.

The health of young people

NCDs are chronic and progressive and are no longer diseases of ageing populations. It causes nearly a third of all adolescent male deaths in low- and middle-income countries of the WHO Region of the Americas. Youth is the window of opportunity that sets the stage for a healthy and productive adulthood and to reduce the likelihood of health problems in later years. The 'catch 22' is that often the activities young people engage in as part of an otherwise normal, healthy development e. The succession of these events during puberty is generally consistent among the adolescents often influenced by age of onset, gender, duration, along with the individual variations. In , over adolescents died as a result of road traffic accidents. Building life skills in children and adolescents and providing them with psychosocial support in schools and other community settings can help promote good mental health. Around 1. Nutritional disorders both malnutrition and over-nutrition , tobacco use, harmful alcohol use, other substance use, high risk sexual behaviours, stress, common mental disorders, and injuries road traffic injuries, suicides, violence of different types specifically affect this population and have long lasting impact. Half of all mental health disorders in adulthood start by age 14, but most cases are undetected and untreated. The death rate has dropped by 29 percent in the past two decades, primarily as a result of a 60 percent reduction in motor vehicle accidents. Graduated licenses for novice drivers with zero-tolerance for drink-driving are recommended.

Furthermore, young drivers need advice on driving safely, while laws that prohibit driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs need to be strictly enforced among all age groups.

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HSC PDHPE Option 1: Health of Young People