The coconut tree legend

The coconut tree legend

When they hit the coconut on a stone intending to remove the husk , they found drops of blood dripping from the stone. Wonder of wonders, she noticed with great surprise that the tree already had a ripened fruit- a round fruit of the size of a mans head. In addition to its food value, it has health, medicinal, cosmetic and religious value. They are abundant and they are available in all the seasons. They came running as soon as the storm passed and it was light. The sultan was worried. Toothpicks and satay skewers have also been made out of the ribs on the leaves. Galloping, they took her to the palace, where she was married in a proper ceremony to the dead boy.

One day, he convinced her to allow him to enter her room. It remains one of the main foods eaten by the Chamorro people.

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Siva had decreed that a tiger would bring him his death on his twelfth birthday. He had then asked Sina to plant its head in the ground. They all agreed to hold a tournament to determine who among them was worthy of the princess love. Hina was then condemned by the Gods to remain close to this river because the tree had become taboo… Years later, a terrible dryness struck the lands and only the coconut resisted the sun. The pool is open to visitors. Days passed by and the young woman hasn't seen her beloved young man. And I love the fresh juice Yes. Hina did the same thing ….. She told everyone to Find this fruit she had found. He put all the seeds in amrta the elixer of immortality and kept them together in a mud pot to the chanting of Vedic mantras. His parents, summoned there by then, placed a coconut in the grave that had been dug and closed it up. What else can I have, sitting here in the burial ground? But she died leaving a mystery of this fruit. Please ask a health practitioner before trying therapeutic products new to you.

He also wishes to see her married before he close his eyes. So he spattered the pictures with mud, and asked servants to hold curtains on either side of the prince as he entered the temple.

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Guam : the legend of the coconut tree Long ago there was a Chamorro family belonging to the Achote tribe. Wata-Mama decided to reveal the truth about him when the princess told him about the tournament and fears about the results.

So Shri-Phal means the fruit of Lakshmi.

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The people from the palace were worried all night about the body and the twelve-year-old girl they had left with it in the rainstorm.

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The coconut tree legend