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CEO Steve Jobs. The environment under Jobs was not good.

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Gates Jobs has tried to diversify first using different brands and then by adding various features based on customer preferences.

Just like his ability to anticipate the consumer's needs and wants, he could guess which marketing messages would work, and which wouldn't.

But simply removing the negative behaviors without developing standout strengths does nothing more than get you from negative terrain to ground zero. Gates Jobs should closely focus on these events and make them integral to strategy making. Jobs himself feared this.

The Rokr mobile phone device was developed by Motorola.

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It has a colour screen, stereo speakers and a advance camera system. The intellectual property rights are very difficult to implement in the industry that Gates Jobs operates in. He was not a model boss or human being, tidily packaged for emulation.

Steve Jobs had a unique talent for marketing in general, and advertising in particular. Jobs said,Bill is basically unimaginative and has never invented anything, which is why I think hes more comfortable now in philanthropy than technology.

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This week a feature film was released about his life. Weaknesses Threats WT Strategies Gates Jobs should just get out of these business areas and focus on strength and threats boxor on weakness and opportunities box.

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The Big Lesson About Leadership From Steve Jobs