Sunset at santorini

And where should you go? From the Akrotiri lighthouse Tired of seeing the same sunset views from Oia? Make it even more memorable with a bottle of wine. Whether you opt for settling by the Old Castle or the windmill, you are sure to witness a colorful moment. Hordes of tourists besiege the island of Santorini every year, eager to bask in the warm sunshine and the presence of their beloved one.

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Sunset santorini restaurant

Remember to bring water, it can be tiring especially in summer when it is hot. Please share below:. But in the evening, everyone tends to flock to Oia Castle. I found old deck chairs on a terrace that looked almost abandoned. I love the lighthouses, because I love the whole atmosphere around these buildings. The moment the sun disappears below the horizon, the crowds literally applaud and cheer. One More Recommendation If standing in a crowd of people is not your cup of tea, you can enjoy the sunset from a number of restaurants in Oia. While I took my sunset photos of the blue domes, Tim, Tyler, and Kara braved the crowds at the castle. I sat down waiting for the sunset. Santo Wines Winery is a must for wines lovers and sunset makes this moent really magical! The sunset in Santorini is considered one of the most famous sunsets worldwide and people from all over the world visit Santorini in order to photograph it and, most of all, cherish it. Here the landscape is incredible. It takes about 10 minutes to walk from one point to the other.

Do you love your privacy? I recommend this place especially to the young and posh people. And guess what, at sunset, I shared this photo point with just a handful of other people.

This is the view during the day.

oia castle sunset

In my opinion, the sunset itself looks better in other places on the island but very few things can beat the way the lighthouse looks at the time. But nobody should miss the chance to see the sunset from Oia village, the famed sunset viewing spot.

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Don't miss the sunset in Santorini