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Through the analysis of the process of the Electoral College, the actions of politically charged people, and various reforms throughout history, we can see how Popular Democracy pales in comparison to the superior philosophy of Elite Democracy.

To be elected to the presidency a candidate must receive at least of the electoral votes. In a Cato Institute essay, John Samples wrote "If the Founders had wished to create a pure democracy, they would have done so.

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The more people in the state the more representatives for that state. Forbes, Jr. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Would the country have gone so far off the rails, so sadly detached from reality that a vast segment of our people gave rise to Donald Trump? It is the states that have the power to restore the Electoral College to its original intent—and to ensure that it better represents the will of the American people. This worked in the past due to most states population was equal but in present times its not so some states have more of a say so in electing the president of The United States. Trending Topics United States Choosing the president and vice president of the United States is a complicated process. Instead of being elected by popular votes of the people, candidates are elected by electoral votes. Each state is given a specific number of electors based on the number of its U. There are many methods states can use to comply with this principle.

A duly elected president under the 12th Amendment, in other words, would attain a federally appropriate, compound majority-of-majorities. Would we have gone through the nightmares triggered by the economic collapse of ?

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Hayes and Democrat Samuel Tilden, Hayes came out victorious. Still, the existing electoral structure may be unwise.

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In fact, Congress in gave much more thought to the nature of presidential elections than the convention delegates had given. InGeorge W. Even if a third party entered the race, whichever candidate received the most votes would still win by a majority. I rode my bike to the public school in Carroll Gardens where I vote.

There are many methods states can use to comply with this principle. But over time, the amendment began to lose its majoritarian moorings. How can something as large as a state be ignored? Even though the Electoral College worked in the past, it needs to be change for the present and these reasons are; it gives bigger states more votes and is unfair to smaller states Clayton The Constitutional Co

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Should We Reform the Electoral College?