Reflection on exodus

reaction paper about the movie exodus gods and kings

But God cared about their situation and he was preparing to rescue them. And he had promised to them that they would become a great nation. When a slave gained his freedom, the owner had to send him away with generous gifts.

Perhaps he learnt to hunt with all its excitement. She saw that her baby was a beautiful child. But the book also reveals that God does not just intrude and work his will in arbitrary ways. God describes how He has heard the cries, probably referring to prayers of Israel and He is concerned for them.

reflection about the movie exodus gods and kings

Moses sat down by a well to rest. Verse 27 However, Moses was the leader so his name comes first now. We recognize here the dictum of the theology of the Reformation that faith is not only trust and assent but also notitia or knowledge.

paper on exodus

We will not give you any straw.

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The Theology of the Book of Exodus: A Reflection on Exodus