Recording analysing and using human resources

In the event of a claim or tribunal case heavy demands are placed on the accuracy and comprehensiveness of HR records. The organisation has 34 stores, primarily based in the Midlands and South of the UK.

describe different systems for recording and storing hr data and the benefits of each.

This information can then be used in a variety of different ways ranging from simple tasks such as producing letters to more complex tasks such as creating spreadsheets and reporting. The decision makers within the business should look to considering why Store F has the lowest staff turnover.

A low absence rate can indicate that an employee is engaged and they want to be in the work place. Common examples of types of data stored on a database would be name, address, start date, date of birth and salary etc.

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Analysing and Using Human Resource Information.

Two types of data collected and how each supports hr practices

Secondly I will discuss the implications relating to personnel records. This could assist to salvage clip and resource when it comes to enrolling for the vacation period. Give two different options My recommendations as effective methods for this organisation to store the data relating to primary employee records and absence are as follows; 1 Primary employee records — As this organisation has a large number of employees spread across 34 different stores in different locations throughout the United Kingdom; my recommendation would be to use a Personnel Database. The importance of effectively inputting and retrieving information is key to the successful operation of the above organisation, or in fact any organisation. HR sections may necessitate to entree information from different Shops for describing etc therefore I feel it would be necessary to hold a maestro database for all employees. Payroll is data collected by an organisation that also supports the HR practice. This would enable decision makers to efficiently and effectively analyse trends relating to all the Stores. Decision makers should also ensure that the absence policy is being managed by line managers and that managers are correctly trained in following the policy. Data collected in HR is very important in establishing the skill level of the workforce in a company and helps predict future performance and engagement of employees. Absence direction being one of the maps Daniels refers to. Paying employees the right sum of money at the right clip is indispensable to employee satisfaction. Very frequently supplying this information to the ambulance services can do the difference in life and decease state of affairss. If the telephone number was input incorrectly and the employer came to use the number in the case of an emergency the employer would then not know who to contact especially within a large organisation as mentioned in the case study. This organisation is in the fashion sector, primarily selling ladies fashion although it does have some lines for men and children.

An example of how they could improve this would be to offer overtime to existing employees rather than hiring temporary workers for the Christmas period.

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Recording analysing and using HR information