Reader response essay structure

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But in so doing, she is also distancing herself from the text, not fully embracing it or its meaning in her life. Instead, you should look to explain how the author's technique or use of a character, for example, adds to the theme conveyed. Some transitions that could be used in this essay are: also, another, not only If not, who does or did the text serve?

Reader response essay structure

Keep in mind, however, that with all types of comparison, the focus of your analysis should be on the writer's technique, rather than a summary of the writing. As a way of escaping her constant griping, he imagines fantastic daydreams which carry him away from Mrs. Literature as Exploration. Transitions are still important in this essay. The topic is up to you, but must be more detailed than "This is a good story" or "This story sucked. Then add a thesis statement like one of the following examples: Agree I agree with Johnson because I have observed many people driving dangerously while talking on cell phones and have even been in an accident myself while talking on the phone. Familiarize yourself with the writer's tools and keep them in mind as you read. Here you will find an in-depth look at one of them: Reader-Response. This process is as much about YOU as it is about the text you are responding to. The Resisting Reader. Not only is his wife annoying to him, but she is also distant and removed from what he cares about, like a stranger. Johnson gives statistics showing that talking on a cell phone is as dangerous as driving drunk. Short summary of the story no more than 4 sentences B.

She could see Walter as a man with a fleeting grip on reality who daydreams that he is a fighter pilot, a brilliant surgeon, a gun expert, or a military hero, when he actually is a poor driver with a slow reaction time to a green traffic light.

But, always beware, as a beginning scholar, of criticizing any text as "confusing" or "crazy," or for "using too many hard words," since readers might simply conclude that you are too ignorant or slow to understand and appreciate it!

Short summary of the story no more than 4 sentences B. Do the ideas wander around without making a point? Wonder how exactly?

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Likewise, the woman reader does not come to the text without outside influences. Use several quotes as examples of how it agrees with and supports what you think about the world, about right and wrong, and about what you think it is to be human.

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The fault of the people who tried to do something. Avoid bringing up any new ideas in your conclusion or adding any analysis not previously mentioned in your response. Choosing an approach to your argument is the first step.

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How to Write a Reader Response: 13 Steps (with Pictures)