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Is inequality increasing? How much of a problem is political ignorance? Leslie Lipson Biography. Could we have private law?

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Lipson Essay Prize Submission Process Format 3, to 4, words; typed point font; double-spaced with one-inch margins; numbered pages Last 4 digits of your student identification SID number in top-right corner of every page Submission You may submit only one essay per calendar year Submit five stapled copies of your essay Make a copy for your record; no essays will be returned Your submission needs to be anonymous; please do not include your name.

Why does racism still persist in society?

Politics essay competition 2019

Sanders Prizes. Does it matter? According to Nobel Laureate, Milton Friedman, 'there is one and only one social responsibility of business Politics Q1. What kind of God would create trillions of animals and permit a great many of them to die painful deaths? Is inequality increasing? Psychology Q1. Why does racism still persist in society? How much would it matter if we had none? No topic, school, or style of philosophy is excluded. We aim, however, to have only one winner of the prize.

All entries will be treated as submissions to MIND and, in exceptional circumstances, more than one paper will be published.

Entries will be assessed with regard to excellence, originality, and interest.

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