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You are now ready to print. As of yet, there have been no scientific studies which support the notion that using toilet covers on the seats will help prevent the spreading of bacteria. If you require a copy of your personal data, you must send a written request to privacy societyoflifestyle.

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You may be asked to provide proof of your identity. This processing of data is necessary in order to manage our interests of improving the Website and to show you relevant offers. If you pick up the printer, be careful not to drop the roll paper holder. Then turn on the printer. Hence, it is not advisable to throw them in the toilet. How wide is toilet paper roll? Right of objection You are at any time entitled to make an objection against our processing of your personal data for the purpose of direct marketing, such as the profiling which will be made in order to target our direct marketing. The width of the standard toilet paper roll is said to be 10cm or 3. The measurement is taken from the middle of the holder to the ground.

Visit the Website When you visit the Website, we automatically gather data about you and your use of the Website e. No, you do not.

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Once done, hold up the toilet paper holder in alignment with the holes and drill the holder in. To the extent that a processing of your data is necessary e. Can I flush toilet paper? How long is a standard toilet paper roll? Toilet paper often has bacteria lashed onto it, which may be airborne or from the previous flushing. Keeping the seat up will give the bacteria space to escape from, which is something that you should always try to prevent. The roll paper holder is assembled. However, most toilet paper in the bathroom often carries bacteria that are related to and associated with toilets and feces. Right of inspection You are at any time entitled to request data e. If you want to hide them from plain sight, the simplest way to do that is stashed them in the cabinet under the bathroom sink. Bring the leading edge of the paper up over the rear of the printer and insert it into the printer until it meets resistance. No, you do not. Insert the roll paper holder shaft into the center of the paper roll as shown.

Why does toilet paper go underneath? Make sure you orient the stand and base plate as shown below. The general rule of thumb is that the toilet paper holder should be installed at a spot that is right next to the toilet. If you want to hide them from plain sight, the simplest way to do that is stashed them in the cabinet under the bathroom sink.

Assembling the roll paper holder Follow these steps to assemble the roll paper holder: Fit the arc bearings into the stand as shown. Only our employees have access to your data and will only use them, if they really need to get access to your personal data in order to fulfil their work.

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