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Lateral movement were avoided and only one direction is used to give pressure to make sure that the samples were not damaged and prevent them from giving overlapping result. Another discrepancy is not counting the phases right, or counting one phase for another.

To find area Z, the onion root tip was transferred into a cup of HCI fluid for 4 minutes, and then into a cup of Carnoy for 4 minutes.

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What advantage do your slides have over the commercial ones? Last, the slide was observed under the microscope for the phases of mitosis and interphase.

Onion cell mitosis

A clean cover was applying to the slide and gently heated over the Bunsen burner. However, it is not possible to be carried out as we only have limited time. When the microtubules shorten, the centromeres splits and sister chromatids are pulled to different poles. The sizes of the cells that are undergoing interphase are the smallest compare to the other stages which is When the stain has been blotted away, cover the tip with drops of water, and gently put a coverslip over the root tip. Thus, every student prepare onion root tip each and the best result among those specimen were chose. Clean and dry microscope slides , cover the microscope and place the apparatus back in the places after finishing the experiment to prevent any accident and to maintain the good state of the apparatus. Why do we observe the root tips of the onions? Once you have located a cell, change to high power. The non-visible chromosome cell either can be in interphase or cytokinesis. How does the prepared slide differ from ones you prepare?

You might look for cells in the human body undergoing mitosis in organs and organ systems. Observe the magnified cells. Based on the data in the Table, what can you infer about the relative length of time an onion root-tip cell spends in each stage of cell division? Leave the root in the Carnoy for 4 minutes.

That certain cell is in the metaphase stage.

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Nuclear envelope arises from the fragment of the parent cell nuclear envelope and the chromosome less condense. For each chromosome, the kinetochore of the sister chromatids are attached to the kinetochore microtubules coming from opposite poles.

The cell that is in the telophase stage looks like two circular cells joined together. Next, identify the cells that are in each phase of mitosis and interphase.

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Try to observe several cells in each stage.

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