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Very easy to use, even on a small-screen smartphone. An automatic palm and wrist rejection feature is also included. For me, that means using ColorNote for quick tasks though I may switch to Omni Notes or Simplenote and OneNote for longer-term items like recipes and project ideas. Hashtags are managed on the last line of each note. Try These Faster Notetaking Tips Instead There are several shortcuts you can take to capture everything from lectures to meeting minutes to to-do lists. It comes jam packed with features. It has a simple but clean look that makes it easy to work with. Learn more about our review process. Here are the best note-taking apps designed with coders and developers in mind. The thickness of your writing and the colors for what you are adding can be quickly adjusted to feature different styles that fit your requirements. If you plan to have hundreds or thousands of notes, look elsewhere. With Google Keep, you can set a location-based reminder note to get alert when you reach near the store or place. It also synchronizes your notes across multiple devices, allowing you to access them from any PC, tablet or phone. It's not great for general use, but it's definitely great for academia. What I like best about ColorNote is its widgeting options.

We present our case why we think you shouldn't and show you what you can do instead. The app's camera functionality makes it easy to quickly add photos to notes, and you can also scan paper documents to digitize them into notes. You can also add Web links, scanned documents and sketches to notes.

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You do have to subscribe to get rid of the ads, but that's about the only downside. The aim is to inform and provide insight to those interested in building their first real website. If you regularly make spelling and grammar mistakes while typing then with the Spell Check feature of the app, you can easily reduce the errors. We may receive commissions from purchases made after visiting links within our content. You can type, write by hand using a stylus , clip Web pages and even scan handwritten notes or pages. It caters more to the long-form note taking style. This listing includes a number of attractive handwriting apps that will work wonders for your needs. Additionally, you can also change the text size and color when inputting text for your notes in the first place, which can be very handy. It has enough features to be competitive without bogging itself down. There are different light or dark themes available, and the display can be changed to portrait for phones and landscape for tablets. It's also totally free. Through the OneNote badge hovering on screen, you can easily pen done the thoughts in lightning fast speed. Let us show you what this means in terms of features and functionality.

Cons: Design might look too plain for some, tough to go from text to images when adding content. Make the right choice.

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In the trial version, the user can only get 2 books having 8 pages each. Apple Notes lets you add attachments such as maps and documents to both new and existing notes directly using the Share option in other apps like Safari.

Note writing app android tablet

Speech to text Password protect notes Keep My Notes is a note-taking app for Android that comes with a number of neat features. The app is easy to use and offers a natural writing experience with three different pen types. Search within the pictures present in the note and give quick feedback by making annotations on images. Jot a brief message, color code it, and done. It's not great for general use, but it's definitely great for academia. Despite its rich feature set, Zoho Notebook is completely free to use. Let us know in the comments below!

Take notes on the lock screen and pin notes to the lock screen. Reminders, lists, color coding, note sharing, and photo notes are all supported.

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