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Here are the masters if you are interested:. This is something that you can take home to retell the story to your family. Inside the doors they will draw all the feet in their house.

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We will think about the events in the story, i. Inside,we talk about how many feet are there when everyone is sleping in theirhouse and then we draw them. You can study rainbows - have the kids make individual torn paper rainbows or have the class use sponges to make a great big spongepainted rainbow.

Tell them they are going to make their own Napping House.

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Next, you will get a wooden stick and a strip of Velcro. I got the idea from a Marilyn Burns activity.

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Do you notice how the colors change throughout the book. The Napping House-A.

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Lesson Directions Step 1: Encourage the students to read along with the repetitive text. Then I folded the blue paper so it was 9 x 6, with the fold at the top, and the picture on the front. This story was so quick to act out that we usually repeated it until every child had a chance to be one of the characters. Children, we have looked at great length at the story of The Napping House. Have students use watercolors to paint pictures with the warm and cool colors of the story. This is something that you can take home to retell the story to your family. Then we write a math statement to add up all the feet and I let the kids solve it using the caculator. In some classrooms there are metal cabinets or chalkboards that work great for magnetized pictures. Here are the masters if you are interested:. Have students create a book using the pattern of the text in the story.

During turn and talk time, I observe while students tell about and describe an event in the story. I often made retelling props for my magnet board too — I just copied clipart or sometimes xeroxed pictures from the bookthen I usually mounted them on card stock or construction paper to make them more durable — then laminated them and added a small piece of magnetic tape.

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Lesson Plans: Napping House activities compiled (Kindergarten, Reading/Writing)