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how can an authors personal experiences influence his/her work

How I write I have my entire writing system written out on a document that I adjust as needed see below. Still, my family held out hope for some sort of miracle. That way I always have a stash of ideas in various stages of completion to work on.

A line from a song may just inspire me, and I soon turn it into an — word or more article.

How does personal experience affect writing

Changing the names and places were the easy parts; getting it out of my head is where it turns a bit difficult. That way, I never forget them, but just go back to them and develop them when I have the time. Frequent CT scans and MRIs showed a considerable amount of brain damage, resulting from a series of strokes and seizures. Evi Abada www. I wrote a novel, a musical, and over posts in less than a year. My characters experience their fair share of trials and tribulations throughout the story, and face tragedy after small victories come to pass. Consider asking friends and relatives how they feel about you exploring these feelings and past experiences before you start. Wong is an emerging author living in San Francisco. Do you use personal experiences to fuel your writing? There are many different factors to consider. We fear being laughed at, rejected, or that our words will be met with silence. At least not recently.

And this is especially so for aspiring writers like myself. My name is Samantha Bonti and of course I was one of the chosen.

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I sometimes also put the ideas down in my notepad on my phone. Forge rich characters.

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So, whenever possible, I hone down my articles to convey these messages. The air felt stale and dismal, like part of me already knew what was going to happen—the inevitable outcome that I wrote off as impossible. Write everything down. Comment on this post within 1 week, and a random winner will win a copy of Brooklyn Story. The ability to carry this theme through the sequence of events you have recorded is what will turn your individual scenes into one story. I also read comments and articles online. Because I know that I love to write, I always look out for things that I can turn into story lines. Sometimes, ideas come in a flash and if you do not put them down immediately when they pop up, the tendency that you would forget them, and that they are gone forever is high. By writing down my system I am holding myself to it. My debut novel was published in October of , just over one year after my father passed. He was exhausted, but smiled and squeezed my hand as I spoke. Before you write, it is always important to try to acknowledge your true feelings about the matter, and ensure you have the right support network in place around you before you begin.

Then make it all seem like it is fiction. But, the basic fact is that I have always loved the idea of writing, and expressing myself to others through my words written on paper or the computer.

By writing down my system I am holding myself to it.

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Within the pages of my novel Brooklyn Story , much of it is what I went through and everything that I know about Brooklyn and where I grew up. No matter how you write your book, fiction or nonfiction. My love for writing makes me grab onto ideas in places where people would generally not find anything to write about. Waiting a while can also help you to reflect, to gain a better understanding of your experiences and therefore to write about them with more insight and depth. Write about what you know. Does this matter to you? To your continued success. There are many different factors to consider.
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Embracing the Impact of Personal Experiences on Your Writing