Life and career of donatello as a master of sculpture

The architecture of these partnership projects resembles that of Brunelleschi and differs sharply from that of comparable works done by Donatello alone in the s.

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Donatello's final years saw him complete several wooden sculptures that were not particularly well received. Cosimo's artists were tolerated because of their talent, and Donatello knew he had the luxury of behaving badly.

He had a more detailed and wide-ranging knowledge of ancient sculpture than any other artist of his day. Janson, The Sculpture of Donatello 2 vols. Early scholars had an unfavourable opinion of St. Fact Check We strive for accuracy and fairness.

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He later invented and perfected this technique, known as schiacciato, or shallow relief. While the top half of the sculpture still represents an idealized point of view, the subject's facial expression is carefully considered, and the sculpting of the legs and hands points to a more realistic figuration.

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Up to this time artists had conceived of a flat background in front of which, or in which, the figures were placed; now the low, pictorial forms seem to emerge from atmosphere and light.

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Donatello: Early Renaissance Sculptor, Florence