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Oral language activities: Recite a poem previously learned B.

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However the choice of appropriate instructional material should be taken into consideration. Scroll down to see the list we have organized for you. Luis Miguel P. The interface is designed in such a way that the main navigation button will be located at the top side of the screen. The aim of this project is to provide an interactive learning environment for pupils and teachers in learning HEKASI 5. Drill: Read the basic sight words 2. Hekasi Heograpiya , Kasaysayan at Sibika, refers to the subject offered to Grade V students, the respondents of the study. By this, an improvement will be developed not just for the learner but also on the part of the teacher as well.

It has a great advantage to the user. Time tells the tales; tinkle; tinkle; tinkle; 3.

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Review: Infer the meaning of idiomatic expression B. They are also excellent aid to teachers when it comes to explaining difficult subjects.

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The researcher can only dream of where technology will take people in the coming years, however, technology is currently having a large focus on the classroom and learning. The application can be used by the teachers as one of its visual aide in delivering its lesson and engaging students to learn more about 3 the subject. Other self-instructional material may be developed, adapted to the needs of the pupils not only for better learning of specific topics but also for enhancement in the whole course. Furthermore, well-designed animations may help students learn faster and easier. The data gathered were recorded, tabulated and analyzed. That's the key to winning over skeptical audiences, convincing cautious customers, impressing stubborn bosses or even entertaining a room full of impatient students. The teacher will not waste class time flipping through the textbooks, thinking of what to do next, or going here and there to make photocopies. Although materials and media can stimulate and maintain student interest, they are not meant merely to entertain the students. Putting two siblings into an orange bedroom would probably result in them not sleeping and fighting, as well. With this presentation software for PowerPoint, a teacher can be able to create professional- quality, exciting PowerPoint presentations in no time flat. She also stressed that instructional materials should be developed and validated in our present age of modern technology to ensure attainment of the educational goal. And through the use of slide presentation it can make an opportunity to use right color for an effective learning of the student.

She conducted that the use of PowerPoint presentation in teaching allows a variety of learning experiences for the students on the study of the given topic. It is really important to consider the instructional materials to be used because an appropriate instructional material will lead to an effective teacher-learners interaction.

According to Bergin, et al.

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The application also generates evaluation in a quiz-type manner after every topic and summative test after every unit. Development of the Instructional Material The researcher prepared the draft of the lessons and the questionnaire for the level of acceptability of the instructional material. It has a great advantage to the user. When the content is properly presented it will promote better comprehension. Statistical Treatment To determine the level of acceptability of the instructional material, weighted arithmetic mean was employed by the researcher. When it comes to enhancing learning blackboards are good, overheads are better, but Power point is the best. That's the key to winning over skeptical audiences, convincing cautious customers, impressing stubborn bosses or even entertaining a room full of impatient students.
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