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Stories like The Mister, which seem to want to wrench female sexuality and status back into the realm of feudalism, have a long distance to go to catch up.

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But it's more inspired by I also have a thing of Post-it notes on my computer, so I'll write things in there. James loves the idea. I have a huge Excel spreadsheet for each novel. It is actually a vulva Vintage is printing one million copies. But the mute button is fantastic. There is a complete dearth of emotional maturity that is genuinely unsettling.

I'm not sure if I want to do it again. Anne Messitte, the publisher of Vintage and Anchor Books, won James over when she said the novels should be stocked at the front of bookstores, not buried in the erotica section. Alessia, meanwhile, is a character so contradictory that she feels glued together out of pieces, like an alluring Edward Scissorhands.

Her aversion to publicity can be inconvenient, and somewhat impractical.

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But readers have taken matters into their own hands, ensuring the story will continue, whether James writes it or not. So it was very important for me to make sure in this book that it's very, very clear.

Under the sticky veneer of all that adventurous bonking, James has always been a conservative writer, of traditional romances between men who are manly and women who are womanly, where a genuine cliffhanger at the end of a chapter can be the declaration of love.

Lovehoney had first proposed some heavy, industrial-looking clamps, which James rejected.

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Her women are blushing, impoverished virgins, pristine of heart and fragile of appetite; her men, meanwhile, are swaggering Lotharios whose wallets bulge even more conspicuously than their designer underwear. On top of that, James, who is 56, faced impossible expectations set by her blockbuster debut, as ravenous fans kept clamoring for more sequels. Lovehoney had first proposed some heavy, industrial-looking clamps, which James rejected. James gently suggests that she makes sure the piano is tuned. Looking back on Fifty, all [of the sex] was consensual. I close my eyes and imagine how I could elicit the same response from her. Another said it took too long to get to the sex. Did the MeToo movement impact the sex writing that you do? When you're working on a project like this, how do you keep track of all of your ideas? James is clearly—and self-confessedly—a fan of romance novels. Is this real life? I had this idea a long, long time ago, so I guess it just so happens that it's sort of timely, it just so happened to have hit at this particular time.
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The Mister: E.L. James talks new novel, legacy of 50 Shades