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Many times, private schools impose rules against wearing colored nail polish, makeup, or even jewelry. To provide quality sales service and products at fair and best possible prices.

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Utilizing our product development, marketing strategy, and sales strategy, Out of Uniform plans to expand its presence in the national market. Opportunities There are several opportunities that are available to us thereby leading to more revenue generation for our business.

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Our Chief Executive Officer and owners, Gloria Dutch and Lance Germaine have the managerial experience needed to ensure that our school uniform and sewing business not only stands out but is able to achieve all its intended goals and objectives.

The truth is that if you have a convincing business plan, it becomes easy for you to obtain business loans from your bank and also to attract investors to help finance your business. Joining is FREE! Out of Uniform provides a way for girls to add fashion and creativity to their school uniforms, while following the rules that their school may impose.

Currently, Out of Uniform operates online and provides a website for buyers to make orders on the internet.

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If YES, then i advice you read on. One of the good things your feasibility study does for you is that it gives you an estimate of the amount required to setup this type of business from the scratch. So, if financial freedom and being in control of your time is what you crave for, then you should consider starting your own business and one of the businesses you can start is a school uniform sewing business.

Carry out Your Feasibility Studies The essence of conducting your feasibility studies before setting up your school uniform sewing business is to help you outline what you would need to setup the business, the amount required to setup the business, how you can source for materials and how you can locate those who need your services and how to market them.

Efficient and highly reliable delivery network.

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UNIFORM SEWING Business Plan in Nigeria