How to write a logbook for internship

Today I planned to sell products in to customers that checked the security camera or serial recognition that recognize the products and produced the price and name.

I registered the new arrival that I leaded him to his room And then I prepared the entry book of daily activities in Order to recognize the new arrivals are coming. Just it s the part of the skill that I analyzed the way i go to tomorrow without fear to protect the surprised behavior that can happen.

weekly progress report for internship

I used my skills in numbers and math skills, my basic knowledge of principles and practices of accounting and financial analysis. I studied how to answer the local telephone operator of other department and the customer rooms.

Yes new skills I leant speed and price of the internet service. Day 3 Today I assisted in the preparation of monthly and weekly financial reports. The first man the OT helped was also in a veil bed. In second day I absolved and saw how I can connect Rj45 and wire to make solve the problem, in costumer in organization also, understood different between network and best way this organization, use and trading for the different component, the server, such as the main server of the organization and last dayI showed haw the LAN make connectivitythen I check my database and densification network and which this organization.

According his experience of work place with familiarly for the financing management to preserve and protecting the economic surplus of our office that he managed the most suitable of every adversely issues of face him.

How to write a logbook for internship

The runners-up are also crowned prince and princess. I took branch borama was helpful and I was expended my personal knowledge ,because I was exercise some theories principles, of the information in my study in to the practical so such kind of internship will help full to the student and I suggest university and Company to the continuo internship , I was works in software Engineering and visual basic. Drivers missing for his computer, I told him to download drivers from the internet uninstall your computer amend installed him into driver pack solution. This day someone comes for me and asked how to download. New Skills Learnt It was a free day because of in my internship program not Planned to begin for that day, it planned to start in first February , so that I go to the organization in order to Observe the place that I will began in my internship to tomorrow inshaa Allah. In doing this my capabilities in preparing files used in maintaining records and documentation, were put to test. Today we leant E-Dahab service. Day 3 Today I Conducted joint orientation for the new recruits.

I also attended treatment team today, which brought up an interesting question that no one has the correct answer for.

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