How customer services can be monitored

to monitor and solve customer service problems

Pay attention to the tone and manner your representative uses to discuss the situation with the customer. Here's how to calculate it: For any given day, week, or month, count how many individual situations each representative handled.

describe the main methods which are used to monitor customer service in retail businesses

Then break these down by media -- e-mail, phone, and letter. Remember, the time it takes to resolve an issue via e-mail will differ greatly from the time it takes to resolve the same issue via phone. Finally, average the response times by medium -- e-mail, phone, and letter. Review it for the obvious: grammar, misspellings, effectiveness of presentation, and politeness.

ways to monitor customer satisfaction

Use Mystery Shoppers Mystery shopping is a growing phenomenon being used by many companies in order to evaluate the quality of customer service and overall customer experience received.

Developing and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction is an important part of any organization's strategy and operating plans.

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Tips for Monitoring and Evaluating Customer Service Performance