High performance work systems essay

It is therefore imperative that the job design is revised to promote task identity, task significance, autonomy, skill variety and feedback mechanism Armstrong, There is evidence that levels of autonomy in jobs have actually been declining suggesting that managers are tending to assert greater control rather than trust in the competence and commitment of staff.


More than 50, applicants had to delay their travelling Press, Line managers on should be proactive in communicating employee issues that need to be addressed in order to enhance efficiency; which the HR should give priority Frenkel, Sanders and Bednall, The company invests greatly in employee motivation, training and skill development to create a high-performance work system and considers employees the most important asset in the organization.

It matters how a firm employs its organisational capabilities and its ability to manage human resources because resources or practices do not produce on their own.

HPWS face challenges and barriers. At the individual level, there is good evidence that workers benefit from being part of an organisation that engages in high performance working systems. Equally there are dangers in highly motivated but incompetent workers or high commitment in workers who are neither competent nor motivated. Providing reliable and faster database services is the goal of organizations including any business, schools, and non-profit organizations. An example of a company that has derived value from the concept of HPWS is FedEx Courier; which has demonstrated that investing in employees and empowering them can create high value and promote company performance. Words: , Paragraphs: 26, Pages: 9 Publication date: September 07, Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! At the management level, the HR should be responsible for instilling people management skills among line managers to ensure they can manage employees effectively and thus promote job satisfaction. HPWS must be driven by strategy, which defines the kind of realignment that departments within the organization will undertake in order to support the strategy. This is done through identifying performance needs, providing regular feedback, and helping individuals in their career development U. For some managers a concern for worker well-being may appear to be an outcome of marginal interest. Kraft, Oscar Meyer, and C. According to a definition provided by Hutchinson , performance management is a holistic work system which apply to process and contributes an effective management of individuals and business teams, it enabled business to plan, communicate, and achieve high level of organisational performance Hutchinson,

It is noteworthy that various aspects of organizational design may change; hence the need to revise the organizational design and effectively communicate changes employees. This is done through identifying performance needs, providing regular feedback, and helping individuals in their career development U.

high performance working and competitive advantage

These bundle of practices are activities associated with comprehensive recruitment and selection, employee involvement, performance management, skill development and trainings and incentive based compensation. The presence of High Performance Working Systems is likely to encourage more people to stay with the organisation.

Well being is usually defined as a combination of job satisfaction, mental and physical health and broader life satisfaction. The challenge is to manage all four elements at once.

This will be achieved through an in depth review of the concept of performance appraisals, its evolution in corporate organisations and existing literature on the topic, and the effects both positive and negative to the organisation as a whole and to its employees A list of performance standards 2.

High performance work systems essay

Use examples from organizations you know well as appropriate.

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High Performance Work Systems Essay