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I know girls who have asked their current boyfriends out and it was no big deal.

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Bryant Grober was sentenced to three years of probation and two hundred hours of community service. When she arrived at the park, many of the school's athletes were there, either watching or participating in an informal baseball practice.

It was all Leslie's fault.

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The parents played a major role in the deliquency of these young men, however they were not alone. The film also altered the timeline of events, depicting the rape as being reported in fall during football season, when in reality it was reported in the spring. How I try and contribute to advancing women is by not just standing around and let other people do the hard work. I can't even fully comprehend this. You can help by adding to it. That if they respected their sacred bond they could do anything. When the boys caused destruction or resorted to delinquency, money would simply change hands with out involving the law or the media. The jocks were supported; the town didn't turn their backs. The Jocks were given light sentences and released on a small bail. They " Kyle Scherzer was found guilty of second-degree conspiracy, first-degree aggravated sexual assault by use of force or coercion and second-degree attempted aggravated sexual assault. The victim was then penetrated with a broom by two of those present and she was penetrated with a baseball bat. Many of them took it as a way of life. Everything was always taken care of and kept very low profile. The first one I call the heartbreaker and the other is the sweetheart.

Byron's main focus was to establish if the victim had given consent, or whether she was incapable of giving consent. Would it have been okay to force a "normal" girl to give oral sex, to push a baseball bat into her, as well as a broomstick and a stick found in the park?!

The first one I call the heartbreaker and the other is the sweetheart. At one point during the rape, one of the athletes passively suggested that they stop. Bryant Grober was convicted of a single third-degree conspiracy charge.

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This exaggeration of how men were supposed to behave fed into the rape culture that Glen Ridge was a part of. They learned to live under oppression. Their interest in porno might have also contributed to their aggressiveness toward females. If you let your son behave a little aggressively on occasion and teach him that this is what "real men" do, what's to stop that same boy from pushing up on young women, lashing out at someone or even committing rape? The book attributes many of the problems with the football players to their society's as well as the town's and the parents' heavy emphasis on winning and success rather than on personal character. We live in this society. They were treated as objects and rarely held positions of authority-there were not any women mentors, therefore everyone lokked up to their fathers and saw that men were the supreme beings. Examples of rape culture would be rape, harassment, assault, aggressiveness, dominance, and even patriarchy. Alot of girls ask out guys the only thing thats big thing for guys is guys suppose to propose first to a girl for marrige but other then that its whoever. When they reached the basement, 12 boys from the park were there. A broomstick. Who to believe? The Jocks were given light sentences and released on a small bail.

Push aside the fact that she was mentally retarded. But still, Leslie lost.

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A stick found in the park. Partly because they didn't want to taint the town they treasured During the trial the defence attorneys did everything they could to try and potray that Leslie faber was a willing participant and actually enjoyed, if not the acts performed, her inclusion to the cool group.

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N.J. high school student, 14, accused of threatening to shoot peers on last day of school