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He portrayed natural imagery, the image of a lonely man cutting grass, etc, but not layers. This adds a sinister tone to the poem.

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Frost highlights the proud idealism of this mentality, even while discussing the loss and tragedy that hard work can occasionally cause such as the death of the young boy in "Out, Out--".

In each of these cases, communication plays a far more important role than anything else; communication with other human beings would be enough to save any of these characters if they would only allow it. Considering his background in the rural communities of New England, it is not surprising that Frost incorporates numerous American ideals and traditions into his poems.

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We also understand that a situation like this can force a child to be brought into adulthood in a matter of seconds when they are very young as they experience the moment they think they may die.

The human condition explores what is means to be alive and why everything happens in both our lives and those of others.

I think Frost identifies with the theme of isolation in a very descriptive way with the help of imagery and very effective poetic techniques that are easy to understand and focus on the theme of each poem.

Is it better or worse that they are well-known? This last stretch addresses the question directly and digs deep into the poem.

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