Fingerprint classification essay

Biometric fingerprinting technology will ensure that access cards and keys are eliminated. Patent fingerprints can. All these fingerprint files were based on print ink.

importance of fingerprints

As the technology becomes popular in the market, a good number of people are going to find job opportunities in the companies charged with the manufacture of fingerprint scanners or even as software developers.

In the wake of increased terrorism activities, it has since become important that border surveillance be beefed up. One piece of evidence that is almost impossible to cover up is prints.

Scenes of property crimes are commonly characterized by forcible entry with tools leaving marks on doors, windows, safes, money chests, cash registers and desk drawers.

history of fingerprints

Across the Europe, fingerprints were first observed by several writers through several publications during the s that were lead by Dr.

Before the s law enforcement officers with visual memories identified previously arrested offenders by sight. Though it would later turn out to be the case that the two were identical twins, the issues posed by the Bertillonage system of identification were clear.

history of fingerprinting essay

Conclusion Fingerprinting technology is a very important technology that should be supported by all stakeholders in the country. Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia, Other characteristics include face, hand geometry, vein, and iris recognition.

Records from the Chinese Qin and Han dynasties have details that explain burglary investigations that used handprints as evidence.

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Essay about Unique Fingerprint Patterns