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Consider all of the information you have. These are useful as an overview of your market, but make sure you don't rely solely on statistics in your research. They allow you to dig deep and really explore their concerns, which can lead to all sorts of revelations. It outlines their first interaction with your brand and every step in the sales cycle, from awareness to repurchase and hopefully advocacy. You should include at least 3 well developed advantages and 3 well developed disadvantages. Exploratory research is open ended, where a problem is explored by asking open ended questions in a detailed interview format usually with a small group of people also known as sample. Focus groups are excellent for exploratory, qualitative research. Again, this can be done with or without intervention. Primary purpose of conducting market research is to understand or examine the market associated with a particular product or service, to decide how the audience will react to a product or service. A follow-up focus group with a handful of employees will allow the employer to understand that issue much better What is the problem with the food? Using market research techniques, the management can make business decisions on the basis of obtained results that back their knowledge and experience. One of our aims for this project, was to actually hold one; then if succesfull we would do it again and would be better because we would have used the mistakes and feedback and worked on it.

Consumer needs change over time, influenced by new technology and different conditions, and you may find new needs that are not being met, which can create new opportunities for your business. Figuring out your objective will help you tailor the rest of your research and your future marketing materials.

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What makes online surveys so popular? By asking these questions and doing in-person research, you can dig up a lot of information to help you define your unique selling position and create even better offers for your customers.

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Step 4: Analyze the results Each of the points of the market research process is linked to one another. Tips to do it right: Record an entry in your field notes, along with a timestamp, each time an event occurs.

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Now you are armed with a basic understanding of the various traditional market research methods! To stay ahead of competitors market research is a vital tool to carry out comparative studies.

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Kevin Yeboah : Evaluate the market research methods used by a selected organisation