Cultural marketing analysis why ipod

Even the products themselves are kept sleek and minimal, with simple color schemes and clean, uncluttered design.

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Do corporation launch these products so frequently to keep people abreast of the latest technologies that are beneficial to them or are these just an attempt to drive up needless consumerism and generate more profit.

The product has a narrow product line therefore unable to expand into other markets? As described in the Method chapter below, the iPod is analysed in reference to issues concerning the Apple brand, marketing and consumption, within a theoretical framework of these research areas considered important in regard to this particular product.

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September Fourth Generation iPod Nano The nano slimmed back down to its previous, taller design for the fourth gen iteration, and was dubbed the "thinnest iPod ever. Consumption — Issues of how the iPod relates to the needs of consumers, how people attach different meanings to the product, how people use it to express identity and consume the artifact as a status symbol are discussed. It does away with the iSight rear-facing camera and only comes in silver. October Fifth Generation iPod As iTunes expanded to include TV shows and music videos, Apple unleashed the fith generation iPod, capable of video playback and an improved and enlarged 2. Available in black or white and super-slim thanks to flash memory, the nano boasted a color screen. Because each product complements another product, consumers would usually choose to stick with the Apple brand rather than buying different products from different manufacturers and create a hodgepodge of varying product and consumer experience. The following online marketing strategies can be used in the process to attract volume and quality to the online drug store of CVS. Moreover, there was already a market for smartphones and personal digital assistants before the iPhone and iPad revolutionised mobile computing and the consumer electronics industry. It is design on this level that make us perceive something as genuinely beautiful. Because Apple has created a customer experience that goes far beyond the actual purchase in a retail store. How can you do this effectively on the web? With the way the business operates, has inspired companies all over the world. Production is here represented as the decisive factor behind consumption and from this perspective no individual interpretive flexibility is possible; the needs of the consumer are created by producers and advertising agents and all commodities have a predestined and fixed meaning. One other change: Apple offered the iPod touch in white -- just as it did the original iPod all the way back in They are also unassuming because of their simple and uniform built and design.

It's not just the iPod's hardware that has been influential. Apple understands that technology consumers often get overwhelmed. Thereby, Apple products are positioned as superior over their competitors through this pricing strategy.

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Representation is formed by meanings constructed from gestures and languages. Our discussion concerns a specific kind of category, namely consumer products that have achieved an iconic status, a strong connection to contemporary culture and that are mainly of technical character. Price Apple Ipod will use cost base method to derive its prices. The Changing Music Industry Over the last 10 years, the iPod's companion software, iTunes, has evolved from a simple music management application to a multi-billion dollar online store, with agreements with all the major record labels. Implementing, Monitoring and Controlling Apple Ipod Company will change because of the new added features to the product range. This is part of my marketing mix. As Leonardo da Vinci said, Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. These elements helped Apple hit some milestones in -- one million iPods sold which rose to two million by the end of the year and 25 million iTunes downloads. Advertising - Apple Ipod will spotlight on a successful advertising campaign comprising of magazine and television advertisements focusing on refer to appendix B for magazine advertisement : - The target market teenagers and young adults - How often they want the target market to be exposed to the advertisement - When they want to reach their target market - Most cost efficient methods to fulfil the above By doing this Apple Ipod will add value to their product by altering consumer perceptions Below-the-line promotions? An iPhone can be twice or thrice more expensive than the flagship Android smartphones of other manufacturers.

This is imperative in understanding your content marketing and potentially using social media with smaller bits of digestible date. Considering the fact that the company has a large pool of loyal consumers, they tend to buy all products under the Apple brand.

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Cultural Marketing Analysis: Why iPod?