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The initial time spent sending communications is doubled, and often tripled…. When the news came that Yale had defeated Harvard,one Yale supporter, overcome with enthusiasm, picked up an old boxing glove and threw it at a nearby Harvard alumni, who promptly tried to hit it back with a stick The ball that is used in baseball is much smaller than the ball used in softball.

Baseball and softball are very similar, but also very different.

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Both baseball and softball are sports that girls and boys participate in. Most people would prefer that the money going towards the players paychecks would instead go to war funds. In baseball, the distance between each base is 90 feet while the distance between bases in softball is 60 feet. Until one day the rules are changed and both men and women play one sport for all. When the wind blew, even just a little bit, it was like an orange dirt tornado out of the movie, The Wizard of Oz going everywhere. How to cite this page Choose cite format:. The sport of baseball and softball are almost identical in a lot of ways. In softball the distance between the pitchers mound and home plate is forty-three feet and the distance between bases is sixty feet.

One of these members, Alexander Joy Cartwright, is responsible for creating the modern-day rules of baseball. Baseball and softball fields are shaped like diamonds. Softball bats can be no longer that thirty-four inches and baseball can be no longer than forty-two inches.

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For one a baseball field is extremely larger than a softball field, your average baseball field measures four hundred and forty-five feet from home plate to the outfield wall. Softball and baseball are team sports which both require an umpire and a diamond shaped field.

This makes the game faster for women and can be more difficult, but also makes the game better. When the wind blew, even just a little bit, it was like an orange dirt tornado out of the movie, The Wizard of Oz going everywhere.

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The game of softball was originated in by George Hancock. Essay - Softball has never been a sport that has been of great interest to me and I had never attended a game prior to watching the Fighting Illini Softball team.

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Games of softball and baseball are both observed by umpires who make sure the rules are followed and determine whether a player is out or safe, a ball is foul, and if a pitch is a strike or a ball, etc.. In the professional level of baseball all bats must be made of wood. Whereas on a softball field the distance from home plate to the outfield wall is roughly two hundred and twenty-five feet. In softball you are only allowed to steal once the pitcher releases the ball out of their hand, but the runner is not allowed to leave the base if the pitcher has the ball in the pitching circle. These were just some of the similarities and differences between softball and baseball. Both are made with a narrow end, grip end, and taper up into a two and a half inch diameter barrel, hitting end, for baseball, and only two and a quarter inch diameter in softball. This gives the baseball batter an additional two seconds to follow the pitcher's hand, and it is The game of softball is mainly played by women and girls. Attending both games can be fun and a new experience for anyone that has not had the chance to attend and understand the game of softball or baseball. When you add this to an already busy family schedule and work as a full time student, free time is not something readily available.

My audience for this essay would be for students in the fourth or fifth grade.

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