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People were also not allowed to choose their own religion or follow their own personal religious beliefs. Khrushchev was willing to barter, and eventually use force, to maintain Soviet control. Therefore it can clearly be seen that from the establishment of the state that communism never had popular public support.

Although some of the policies which he introduced in the 's had an initial success, they soon collapsed with disastrous effects. The positive elements of Glasnost had the effect of bringing national tensions to the surface of political and social life and, in a sense, exacerbating the national problem.

When Khrushchev came to power, he too failed to salvage the economy. In they, along with 60 other countries, signed the first international treaty providing for the peaceful exploration of outer space. This point leads onto the most important factor which contributed to the eventual collapse of communism in the East, that is, Gorbachev.

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A large number of these were desecrated or destroyed. This had a paralysing effect on them and led to their apathy about the ending of communism. When the USSR began to collapse, however, certain voices in the party refused to allow Gorbachev dismantle more of their dreams.

He saw Christianity as an inseparable part of Poland's rich cultural history, and sought to re-establish a society where Poles could freely embrace their national and religious identity. Bonuses, extra rations and better housing were offered as incentives.

Many of the Eastern countries, for example Hungary under Nagy or Czechoslovakia under Dubcek, were in favour of a communist system with some elements of capitalism, that is, a mixed economy or market socialism and more elements of democracy.

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The same can be said to be true for communism. After however, with Khrushchev's new approach to Socialism and his denunciation of Stalin, there were increasing calls for independence among the communist bloc countries who had never been truly supportive of the communist regime. If the economy had improved then so too would the people's well-being and they may have considered maintaining the communist regime. Political science is not very defined and strict. Gorbachev employed a policy of "Glasnost", that is, openness and the right to criticise and express an opinion. Under Khrushchev, who had succeeded Stalin after his death in , Poland was the first to revolt against the communist regime. One of the most well-known and well-documented cases of a communist government took place in the Soviet Union, beginning in and eventually falling in The elections were devastating to the communists. The main failure of Perestroika is that it didn't remove the old price system. West Germany and Russia ratified a similar treaty in Textbooks often describe the events of that year as the inevitable collapse of a repressive system in favor of a freer democratic form of government. Glasnost had the effect of ensuring that the previous reign of terror which the communist leadership had held, was brought to an end. The same principle can be applied for countries.
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The Fall of Communism in Poland Essay