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The app is also compatible with your other calendars — Google Calendar, iCloud, and Outlook. We guarantee that you will find something that you love.

Journal Posts can be shared online should you wish to do so. Notes DayViewer contains a handy Online Notes system that lets you save rich notes, checklists and other information so you can refer to them whenever required. DayViewer is designed to cater for busy individuals and people who need to get things done.

There are also pen sets available for purchase on our portal. Use journal pages to help you attach research notes, images, documents and articles. Our Online Calendar Planner is suitable for business use all sizes and could replace or complement any current systems that your business currently may be using.

You can also check the weather via AwesomeCalendar. Tend to download an organizational app, then forget to ever open it again? See how DayViewer helps thousands every day Online Journal A good way to remember your days is to keep an online journal.

These brands include Doodle, Sukeshcraft and several others. Why not customize the design, font, and text colour of your agenda the way you want it? View your schedule, set reminders and plan daily. Journals can be associated together with other entries and other entry types such as Calendar, Notes, Contacts via labels.

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