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With DeviceLock DLP, administrators can centrally control, log, shadow-copy, alert, and analyze end-user data transfers to all types of peripheral devices and ports, as well as network communications on managed endpoint computers. Often, DLP strategy will align with your corporate culture. Data protection measures include clipboard monitoring and blocking. These solutions also alert security staff of a possible data leak. It analyzes network traffic to detect sensitive data that is being sent in violation of information security policies. It is able to monitor devices running any operating system and the software can be installed on premises or accessed online as a cloud-based service. You will also be able to see where data is stored throughout your business, considering the mobile, cloud, and multiple endpoints. Data identification[ edit ] DLP includes techniques for identifying confidential or sensitive information. Why Data Loss Prevention Software? Its multi-layered inspection and interception engine provides granular control over a full range of data leakage pathways and will further ensure that no sensitive data is escaping through content analysis and filtering that can be applied to endpoint data exchanges with removable media, Plug-n-Play devices, printers, email, web and other network communications. Statistical Analysis: Uses machine learning or other statistical methods such as Bayesian analysis to trigger policy violations in secure content.

Data in motion[ edit ] "Data in motion" is data that is traversing through a network to an endpoint Networks can be internal or external. The use of a firewall, for example, prevents the access of outsiders to the internal network and an intrusion detection system detects intrusion attempts by outsiders.

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It monitors data files, backing them up and restoring the original version should any changes be made. The tool starts off by searching your entire system for sensitive data. It is considered to be an intelligent system capable of identifying and prioritizing more sensitive data. Data leaks can be initiated by either unwitting employees or users with malicious intent who copy proprietary or sensitive information from their computers to flash memory sticks, smartphones, or other convenient forms of portable storage. Inside attacks can be averted through antivirus scans that detect Trojan horses that send confidential information, and by the use of thin clients that operate in a client-server architecture with no personal or sensitive data stored on a client device. Additional Resources:. Precise methods involve content registration and trigger almost zero false positive incidents. It also tracks every access to those data files and blocks any copy or transfer actions. Once those violations are identified, DLP enforces remediation with alerts, encryption , and other protective actions to prevent end users from accidentally or maliciously sharing data that could put the organization at risk. With the spread of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, notebooks, laptops etc. Given below are some of the key reasons why an organization needs DLP: DLP technology provides IT and security staff with a degree view of the flow, location, and usage of data across the enterprise. Data Loss Prevention: Protecting All the Endpoints Endpoint Security or Endpoint Protection refers to the technique of protecting a business network when accessed by remote devices like laptops, tablets, smartphones, or other wireless devices. DLP can protect against all kinds of adversaries, malicious or not. Technology controls are becoming essential to attain compliance in specific areas. This process involves three main tasks: locating sensitive data, protecting it, and reporting on unauthorized attempts against it.

There are myriad techniques in the market today that deliver different types of content inspection. A useful way to think of the difference is if content is a letter, context is the envelope.

Events are organized into actionable insights, allowing analysts to prioritize and respond to threats more intelligently and efficiently. Provides low false positives although this approach does not work for files with multiple similar but not identical versions.

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Mitigating Ransomware attacks by detecting and blocking typical file access patterns. Analyzing cloud usage data for 30 million users, Skyhigh found that Data loss prevention software and tools monitor and control endpoint activities, filter data streams on corporate networks, and monitor data in the cloud to protect data at rest, in motionand in use.

Billions of records have been lost in giant data breaches such as: the database misconfiguration that leaked nearly million US voter records inthe Equifax data breach that kept getting bigger, and the Yahoo breach that affected 3 billion users.

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All other methods are imprecise and can include: keywords, lexicons, regular expressions, extended regular expressions, meta data tags, Bayesian analysis and statistical analysis techniques such as machine learningbehavior analytics, hierarchical threat modeling, predefined DLP templatesetc.

The tool helps you define your protection strategy through pre-written policies.

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What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?