A scientific analysis of the backhand stroke in tennis

Stefan Edberg in the past, along with Roger Federer and Grigor Dimitrov are able to apply all three, using the slice, flat and top-spin backhands effectively.

A scientific analysis of the backhand stroke in tennis

The top-spin single-handed backhand is probably the hardest to learn. In many cases, amateur level players usually lack the key positions in tennis technique that are uniformly present in the top pro players.

Richard Gasquetwho is considered to have one of the most elegant and efficient single-handed backhands, is known for his long, winding action on his backhand and his elegant follow-through. In trying to do so one might hit the ball in an unfavorable position, due to being late with the racket, causing the ball to go in an unintended direction.

Growing popularity of the two-handed backhand might suggest an advantage of this technique over the one-handed backhand. One-handed backhand players move to the net with greater ease than two-handed players because the shot permits greater forward momentum and has greater similarities in muscle memory to the preferred type of backhand volley one-handed, for greater reach.

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To fix this there is a grip you can use that sits in between forehand and backhand grip that makes it easier for beginners to learn the basics, this grip however is not recommended for players beyond the beginning stage.

Such slice backhands often prevent opponents from getting under the ball easily and hitting easy winners. The pressure on sport results, money and fame has brought about changes in both tennis technology and customs.

The objective of the backswing is to prepare a longer pathway for the racket to travel and to build up as much momentum as needed in that specific stroke.

A normal tennis swing in real-time occurs too fast for the human eye to observe the small pieces of tennis technique. The coaches were asked to hit 15 one-handed and two-handed backhands.

Therefore, many players incorporated much more top-spin in their single-handed backhands, which was uncommon at that time.

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