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The two women were, as they confess early on, like molasses and vinegar.

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The sisters were interviewed in by a Book report book great escape paul brickhill York Times journalist whose article led to a best-selling book. Cherene Snow and Perri Gaffney. Still, the play can get repetitive at times, especially with its multiple passages about the deaths of family members. She can't resist either withering sarcasm or blunt truth, which often amuses her as much as it does Sadie. Theater review: 'Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First Years' from Cultural Fusion One performance from that show has remained stuck in my head all these years: I just looked her up: Foster died in Sad as that discovery made me, I suppose it is to be expected. Sadie , was the firebrand, emulating her politically engaged father. The physical production is more elaborate than it initially seems. Mann has constructed Having Our Say so that material flows together thematically; nothing in the play feels forced. Miss Alice's Bessie, whose ankles are matchstick-thin, works the house. Photo by Liz Lauren. Tea Time at the Delany Household Helmed by Smith, the artistic team manages to transform the massive Albert Theatre space into one that is intimate and welcoming, while at the same time maintaining the epic feel that is appropriate for such a rare kind of story. Mann made it feel exactly like Author: Chris Jones. Ella Joyce and Marie Thomas bring such life to this play.

With that in mind, they embark on the journey of retelling their life stories that are over years old and in no way over. Liz Lauren When: Playing through June 10, Wednesdays at pm Thursdays at pm and pm Fridays at pm Saturdays at pm and pm Sundays at pm Run Time: 2 hours, with intermission.

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A review of the play delany sister, review Rating: 92 of based on votes. Running time is 2 hours with one intermission. Those parents held positions of stature in the community — their father was an Episcopal Bishop, their mother a matron at a private school — and while they were poor, the ten Delany children were shielded from many of the hardships of life in the Jim Crow South. They know of lynchings and, first-hand, threats of lynching. The sisters not only defied all expectations in regard to their ages, but also their career paths and success considering all of the odds stacked against them as African-American women in the midst of a challenging century in history. Perri Gaffney and Cherene Snow. Delany and A. Perri Gaffney, lean and wiry, plays Sadie with precise, carefully enunciated diction that suits her more reserved personality.

I thought I'd track down Hill Hearth and find out what she thought the sisters would have made of our world today. Black people have always found a way to survive amid the many obstacles and ugliness placed before us. They're a single personality.

Liz Lauren It is easy to expect an account such as this — traversing the terrain of slavery, Jim Crow Laws, and the Civil Rights Movement, to be one filled with pain and anger.

Later their father, born into slavery, went on to become the first black bishop in the Episcopal Church.

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To them, it is nothing special — simply their lives. Sometimes the photos are taken from the Delany family albums; at other times, they're chosen to evoke specific places and eras.

They know of lynchings and, first-hand, threats of lynching.

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Of course they had each other, along with their beloved parents and many siblings. A whole generation has gone by since we last saw this Questions and answers on computer memory in Chicago, and since the sisters died. To them, it is nothing special — simply their lives. After they moved into the world outside, the sisters' responses matched their characters. Having Our Say is a showcase for two talented performers. Yet they were inseparable throughout their long and productive lives. Yet they're secure in their own identities. This was a play about centenarians. From the Great Migration to the Harlem Renaissance. Bessie refuses to call herself anything but "Negro" or "colored. Sadie and Bessie Delany were sister before the turn of the 20th century and lived through the Great Depression, segregation, Jim Crow laws and the Civil Rights movement.

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